Hi there! Thank you for visiting our blog and the need to get to know us a little more!

We’re MiSa or better known as Michèle & Sanne. We both like to experience new things, in and out our comfort zone. In 2017 we decided to go on the biggest roadtrip of our lives. We bought a van and started packing and selling stuff to enlarge our budget. On 6 November 2017 it was time to say goodbye and start the big adventure! After that we did a small France roadtrip and a three month exploring in Spain & Portugal.

From September 2019 on we will be enjoying and working in Australia! We are beyond excited and can’t wait to start this new chapter of our lives!

So who is who?

I’m Mi to Sa, Michèle! I’m 28 and am a german speaking belgian girl. I’m the driver of our cute van Stitch and in countries as France, Germany and Spain I do the talking. I’m a true animallover, I’m a really big fan of everything Disney related and nature is where I want to be! I love to read, draw and sleep. I have the creative ideas behind The Adventures of MiSa which Sanne puts online!

I’m the other part, Sa/Sanne (23). I was born in the Netherlands, but I spend a lot of time in Belgium during my studies and with my family. I love exploring with my camera and editing the photos afterwards. Going to concerts is my biggest hobby, I’m a huge Within Temptation, Nightwish and Tegan and Sara fan. I edit everything and put it online, so if you’re wondering who you’re talking to, it’s me!

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