LIFESTYLE | Sunbutter Sunscreen

Australia, one of the hottest climates of the world, at least in summer. My (Sanne) mother works with the cosmetic brand Jafra and she gave us a ton of sunscreen to start our travels. After 3 months we worked through that load and we needed to find another brand. Since…

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LIFESTYLE | Rcup one planet

When we arrived on our job at Rottnest Island we found out we were working at a breakfast and lunch cafĂ©. During the first days of work we learned that we could drink as much coffee or chocolate milk as we wanted. We thought that was really nice and we…

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LIFESTYLE | Our packing list for Australia

Only two days left until our adventure down under begins! We have waited 9 months and now the day is finally there to pack! Apart from saying goodbye, fixing our official documents and doing some research on everything Aussie, the packing is kind of a difficult thing. That's why we…

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