VANLIFE | Europetrip part 1 – the numbers

When we left on the first part of our Europetrip, we decided to keep track of a few things that maybe would be fun. During college I (Sanne) had to keep a notebook with random details. From those info's I had to make infographics. With this post we wanted to…

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Today on year ago, November 6th 2017, we started a journey that would probably change our lives. We had no idea when we would come back. We left our stuff, said our goodbyes and just drove away to our first destination: Paris. On this journey we learned a lot about…

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TRAVEL DIARY | Week 7 | Making new friends

18 December 2017 – 25 December 2017 Best day ever! The 18th of December, one of the most memorable days of our journey! In the previous diary we ended in Lagos, one of Sanne’s favourite places in Portugal. After we woke up we decided to go into Lagos and buy…

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TRAVEL DIARY | Week 6 | Beaches & blue water

11 December 2017 – 17 December 2017  Culture After Porto our next destination was Coimbra! Sanne’s grandparents told us to go there because of the rich and beautiful University on top of the city. The morning after we arrived we climbed the little streets up to the imposing building. We…

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