LIFESTYLE | Ultimate gift guide for travelers

It's holiday season, which means it's also gift season! We're giving presents underneath the Christmas tree or drawing lots. But do you have any idea what to ask or give? We've made a list with gadgets we like and am sure that others might like too. Before you buy any,…

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LIFESTYLE | Eco in the bathroom

As we live in a van, it is even more important for us to produce as less waste as possible. We already sort paper and glass from the rest and pay attention to the recycling rules in each country as much as we can. We noticed that a lot of…

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LIFESTYLE | Cold evenings & Happy Socks

It's almost time, on Sunday we leave Belgium for a new adventure: picking grapes in France! We can't wait to leave and have already packed most of our stuff. Except for clothing everything is already ready for a month of vanlife, work and adventure!Last week we got an e-mail from…

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LIFESTYLE | Our first brand collaboration

Everyday we experience and discover new things. This week we got the opportunity to work with our first brand! Super exciting, since we haven't done anything like that before. We are ambassadors for a few brands (e.g. Stranded Adventures & Wanderlifestyle) and affliates for some too (e.g. Travelibro & Trusted…

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