SUSTAINABILITY | Sunbutter Sunscreen

Australia, one of the hottest climates of the world, at least in summer. My (Sanne) mother works with the cosmetic brand Jafra and she gave us a ton of sunscreen to start our travels. After 3 months we worked through that load and we needed to find another brand. Since…

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SUSTAINABILITY | Rcup one planet

When we arrived on our job at Rottnest Island we found out we were working at a breakfast and lunch café. During the first days of work we learned that we could drink as much coffee or chocolate milk as we wanted. We thought that was really nice and we…

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EMPLOYMENT | Volunteering in Europe

Since Michèle & I live on a budget we started our first Europe trip telling everyone we would find a job on the road. Making some extra’s was the plan and we thought we could easily find jobs without any preparation; well we were wrong. Maybe it was because we…

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VANLIFE | Europetrip part 1 – the numbers

When we left on the first part of our Europetrip, we decided to keep track of a few things that maybe would be fun. During college I (Sanne) had to keep a notebook with random details. From those info's I had to make infographics. With this post we wanted to…

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