When we came back from Australia, we were pretty sad that we had to cut our adventure short. We know we're privileged, but it was still difficult to decide and leave the country that we had lived in for 6 months. We had so many good memories and we felt…

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We had the privilage to receive a gorgeous giftbox from Hemd voor Hem, a company for the modern day men. They sell everything a men needs: ties, shirts, belts, socks, trousers, eau de toilette and much more! They offer great brands and also a wide range of gifts. You might…

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SUSTAINABILITY | Water bottles

Every single day people use single-use plastic bottles. Maybe they'll use them two or three times before they throw them away, but that's it. In 2016, according to statistics by The Guardian, more than 480 billion single-use plastic bottles were sold. By 2021 it is predicted that it will increase…

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SUSTAINABILITY | Sunbutter Sunscreen

Australia, one of the hottest climates of the world, at least in summer. My (Sanne) mother works with the cosmetic brand Jafra and she gave us a ton of sunscreen to start our travels. After 3 months we worked through that load and we needed to find another brand. Since…

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