TRAVEL | Azores 2016

TRAVEL | Azores 2016

Country: Azores, Portugal
City/Town: Terceira & Saõ Miguel
Stay: Multiple campsites
Period: August 4 – August 18

Michèle and I visited the beautiful, sunny, laid back, cheap and awesome Azores.

The Azores is a group of islands who belong to Portugal. Obviously the native language is Portuguese, but the people are very well at speaking the English language. The group counts 9 islands and locates in the Atlantic.

We spend one week on the biggest Island, Sao Miguel. The grandmother of a friend of Michèle lives on the island. After a 2,5hr flight from Düsseldorf we found ourselves on a ferry from Terceira to Sao Miguel. After 4hrs we finally arrived in Ponta Delgada.

On Sao Miguel we visited the touristic spots. We saw Furnas and ate corn cooked from the heated earth water, we went swimming in one of the hot springs, hiked, saw unbelievable sights, met amazing people, went snorkeling on an island and went wave diving. Yeah we did amazing things.

After the first week we grabbed our backpacks and took the ferry back to Terceira. There we camped a whole week on the same spot. The image above is the view from our tent that week. On Terceira we hiked a lot, went swimming with dolphins, walked inside a volcano, met new people, relaxed a bit and went swimming at a natural pool in the Atlantic!

Interested in the amazing landscapes? Check the video below!

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