TRAVEL | Hamburg 2017

TRAVEL | Hamburg 2017

Country: Germany
City/Town: Hamburg
Stay: Sister’s (in law) house
Period: February 24 – March 3

In February 2017, Michèle and I, visited the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Michèle has connections in and around Hamburg. We planned to go for a week and met up with her friends. We explored the city and enjoyed a lot of delicious food.

First of all we enjoyed brunch at Cafe May, a cute and lovely spot in the middle of St. Pauli, near the Reeperbahn. Coffee and brunch were very cheap and delicious. After eating too much, we headed to the St. Michaelis church. Unlike any other church I have seen in Europe, this one was fully restored. The white walls, the golden ornaments and the huge organ, completed this oase of beauty and filled the space with warmth. I’d say it is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen, although I like the feeling of the non-restored better. Later that week we returned to climb the 453 steps to the top. The view over the city was quite grey since the weather wasn’t exactly perfect, but we recognized everything we already visited.

After the church we took a bike (with the card of our connections) to ride to the Landungsbrücken. There we took the elevator and ended up under the river, the Elbe. We rode to the other side and enjoyed the view from the other side of the city.

Later that day we ended up in the Speicherstadt, which we visited multiple times that week. I was fascinated with the red buildings. Every one of them used to be a storage house. Now there are touristic attractions in them and coffee bars, but some are still used as storage. In the Speicherstadt we visited the Elbphilharmonie, which is a concert hall. We watched over the Elbe from the panorama. The architecture is lovely, but it was a shame we couldn’t visit the inside of the hall. Also located in the Speicherstadt are the Hamburg Dungeon, which we didn’t visit, and the Miniatur Wunderland. It was cute to see all those little figures, but I thought it was a little boring after a while.

During our trip we ate so much! We visited three different hamburger restaurant, had dinner at a few small places, ate the most delicious veggie sushi and enjoyed lovely cocktails at Hertzblut. Peter Pane (my favorite) had an amazing burger with avocado and the cocktails, damn so good! We even had a tour through the chocolate museum (chocoversum) of Hachez. That chocolate was heavenly & the tour was very interesting. We even made our own chocolate bar and tasted every stage from a chocolate bean to a chocolate bar.

Ofcourse we did a lot more things, like watch our favorite series, sat on benches, walked through a graveyard, cycled around, caught Pokémon and participated at an escape room, but I think I described the most mesmerizing things of our journey through the city!

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