EXPERIENCES | Lestaubière 2017

EXPERIENCES | Lestaubière 2017
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Country: France
City/Town: Pont Saint-Mamet, Douville
Stay: Campsite Lestaubière
Period: July 17 – August 24

Everything comes to an end and so has my summer at campsite Lestaubière.

For almost six weeks I have worked at the campsite doing all sort of activities in a team with eight girls. Living in a caravan and doing everything together while working in shifts, was a very new experience. I had to get used to be around people all the time.

At first I was really nervous. I didn’t know any of th girls and I’ve seen the owners just a few times (they’re distant relatives). I had no idea what to expect and with a clear mind I started the adventure. During the weeks I learned to work hard, learned about myself and became more independent. We had a lot of various things we had to do. Cleaning, bartending, serving, activities with kids and now and then we had some free time to enjoy the sun (when it was not raining) and the swimmingpool.

It rained a lot, but all that was forgotten as soon as the sun started to shine again. The quiet surroundings of the campsite gave the opportunity to relax a bit and see some “wildlife”. Mice, lizards, birds and a lot of insects… (I’m afraid of spiders…)

The campsite was full of life. Young families and some elderly couples were always gentle with us and it gave a feeling of being home. The only hard part was missing Michèle and my parents, but the campfire evenings with the team erased that feeling a bit.

Now I’m home again and look back to a great summer! Totally ready for the next adventure!


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