TRAVEL DIARY | Week 5 | Portugal & a storm

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 5 | Portugal & a storm

04 December 2017 – 10 December 2017

On the road again

It was the day we hoped that our van would be done at the garage! After a day wandering around Vigo, eating vegan fastfood and buying some christmaslights for our home, we got the disappointing call that we had to wait another night… We booked an airbnb for the night and relaxed a bit. We met a guy from France and a guy from Brasil. We drank wine with them and went to sleep early. The next morning we got the call the van was ready! We were so happy! After the formalities we left to go to Portugal! Our first destination was Covas. It had been freezing so we slipped on the road, we both got a little heartattack there haha. At the campsite we washed our clothes, did our dishes and enjoyed the sun! Around five the local farmers were burning their compost, so the next morning all our clothes keept smelling like they were burnt… That continued to follow us longer than hoped 🙂

Bom Jesus do Monto

We arrived at Bom Jesus do Monto, recommended by my grandparents and we read a lot of good things about it! We wanted to take the stairs but I (Sanne) stumbled and went through my ankle… We decided to take the oldest still working hydraulic funicular. It was really steep going up, but amazing to see how the system with the water works! The church was beautiful, but the view was even better! We were very happy that we made it to Portugal. We walked around a little and ate the first pateis de nata combined with coffee & tea. The same day we left to go to a campsite near Porto which was very cheap!


We arrived in Porto, I (Sanne) had been here before and absolutely loved it! Too bad the days were rainy and cold. We took the bus to the city and walked to Dom Luís I. We enjoyed the view over the river and the sides. It was really different because it was very foggy, so we couldn’t watch that far. We then visited the church, but it turned out to be a holiday for the Spanish, the city was full of them. We decided to grab lunch near the river and ate the local Francecinha & a veggie burger. We then wanted to taste some port. The one that was recommended by Ana (a tourguide I met during my last stay) was unfortunately closed. However we found another, Augusto’s. The port was very yummy and we even decided to send some to our favorite pub in Bütgenbach! After we went back to the campsite. The second day in Porto it was raining even harder. We visited Torre dos Clerigos, did a little shopping while we walked around the city, ate yummy burgers and met up with Ana. We had a coffee and after we went back to the campsite.


We heard from Ana that there was a servere storm coming. We didn’t know exactly what to do, so we just decided to stay and wait until the worst was over. That meant staying at the campsite (it was Sunday) and doing some cleaning. In the afternoon we went grocery shopping and the waves were insane! So much power when they hit the coast. We bought our things and then it started to rain, really hard. We conquered the weather on our bikes and had a lazy afternoon. Around five we met up with our nextdoor neighbours for a drink! We got in contact because they had a sticker with their social media accounts on their van. We looked them up and send a message. Kim & Marianne, a couple from France and traveling in their van since September. We had a super fun night and the storm was getting at us. During the card games their van moved a lot haha. Such an adventure! Little did we know that we would see them again very soon! Follow their journey too!

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