TRAVEL DIARY | Week 6 | Beaches & blue water

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 6 | Beaches & blue water

11 December 2017 – 17 December 2017 


After Porto our next destination was Coimbra! Sanne’s grandparents told us to go there because of the rich and beautiful University on top of the city. The morning after we arrived we climbed the little streets up to the imposing building. We bought tickets for a student price (thank you student) & entered the famous library. Pictures were forbidden, unfortunately, but we were in awe. The rich decoration of each bookcase and the ceiling, it was just marvellous! We learned that the books were in such a good state because of the perfect humidity and of the bats who eat the insects that can affect the books. After the library we visited the chapel, the ceremony room and we got a tour in the section of physics & nature history.

Finding fish

After the city of Coimbra we wanted to visit the cathedral of Batalha. We arrived when it was dark already so we couldn’t see that much, but it was fun to take pictures in manual mode. The next day we went to Nazaré, famous for its high waves and surfing competitions. The weather was sad, but the beach was awesome! We saw some locals drying there fish on the beach, which turned out to be an old tradition. The men fish and the women dry it and sell it at the beach. We had yummy and super cheap sushi before we left to Obidos. A little city surrounded by city walls, which you could climb. It was really cute and because of the early Christmas festivities it was even cuter.

Visiting friends

It was time to go to Peniche where we would visit Ella! We got a room at the school she worked and after a quick shower we went out with her roommates. We explored Peniche a bit and after we left for Lisbon. We parked in the city center, which was easy but a little scary since we weren’t sure if it was allowed to sleep there too. We bought metro tickets and saw Laura! We drank a nice Glühwein and walked around. The next day we met Laura again. Together we visited LX Factory & Bélèm, where we ate the perfect Pasteis de Bélèm.

The Algarve

We then left Lisbon again to drive to Vila Nova de Milfontes. A cute little place with a nice beach. We really enjoyed the watching the waves and seeing the river and sea unite. We also made pictures for our Christmas cards we send to our families later. We drove to a secret beach which was absolutely perfect. We had to conquer a jungle and were greeted by the sea, the beach and a fisherman. We forgot that there was a tide, so during our little picknick we were surprised by the water… We then drove even more south and enjoyed the view at Sagres, Cabo de São Vinciente. At the end of the week we ended up in Lagos, one of Sanne’s favourite places in Portugal.


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