TRAVEL DIARY | Week 7 | Making new friends

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 7 | Making new friends

18 December 2017 – 25 December 2017

Best day ever!

The 18th of December, one of the most memorable days of our journey! In the previous diary we ended in Lagos, one of Sanne’s favourite places in Portugal. After we woke up we decided to go into Lagos and buy some vegetables & fruit at the local market hall. We even found the pimento Sanne’s mother bought when they were there. Anyway, we walked around a bit, found a store Sanne liked (Funky Fish) and bought a dreamcatcher for the van. When we were done exploring the hidden beaches and caves we drove to Portimão. There at the beach we had a beautiful picknick in the hot sun! The next stop were the caves of Benagil. We parked the car and hoped we could actually find the caves as they were only accessible by boat. Near the cliffs we found the most famous one! Enjoying the view from up there Michèle saw some movement in the ocean what turned out to be dolphins! We watched them until they were too far. Just as we were about to leave a miracle happened and the animals appeared right in front of the cliffs! We were and still are so excited when we think about it!

Meeting new friends & Tarifa

After the cool happenings we wanted to walk in the Ria Formosa. They said we could see a lot of animals, but it turned out there were only birds, a few crabs and a row of ants. The walk was nice though and the weather was beautiful again. We went further to Monto Gordo, a place very near to the Spanish border. We saw that a couple we followed on Instagram, a.kind.journey, was very near us and we met up in Rota, Spain! We had a fun evening with Sangria and talked about the life in a van. The next day we left for Tarifa, because that was a place we really wanted to go to.

We arrived at the beach and found a spot to park between all the other campers. Like at every place we park, we try to find a toilet first. Unfortunately there wasn’t one, but there was camp.touch.this, a couple from Holland who made us enthusiast to go to Tarifa! We reparked the camper and we had a great time talking. We decided to stay at the beautiful beach until we had to leave for our first housesit! There were cows who passed by, we swam in the ocean and started our new business!


And then we went to Casares to meet our first housesit dog, Vicky! The excitement of the pup was adorable and we really liked her. She did lick to much though, but she was a fun pupper! Together with Ana we ate and the day after Ana left for Brussels. We welcomed our friends Kim & Marianne from Voyage à Plein Temps to celebrate Christmas! We ate way too much and all got little gifts. On Sunday we were very tired and still full from all the eating. We only watched tv and played a few games until we went to sleep again.

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