TRAVEL DIARY | Week 8 | The end of the year

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 8 | The end of the year

26 December 2017 – 31 December 2017


The third day of Christmas we decided to do something active or adventurous, so we went hiking! The five of us drove in the van of Marianne & Kim to a fun place near Marbella. We climbed up the Refugio de Juanar and had an amazing view! Kim brought his drone and we made a few cool pictures to celebrate the climbing victory! We went out for dinner and the next day we had to say bye to them only to see them again in a few days!


The housesitting days were not that adventurous though. We walked with Vicky, did some groceries, made a lot of bracelets for our business and met up with Melanie & Ron, the owners of our next housesit! We also cleaned Ana’s apartment and cooked many things we can’t make in the van. It was also very nice to have a normal bathroom & kitchen with space. When Ana got back, we packed the last things in the van before we said goodbye and drove off.


Since it was the last day of the year we wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve somewhere cool. Marianne & Kim invited us to their set-up party near Jerez de la Frontera. We went there and were greeted by several vans, all French and all partying already! We had a lovely night with music, yummy pizza, stories, a little campfire and the fireworks from the village! Both were tired, so we slept in very early, but that was a good start of the year.

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