TRAVEL DIARY | Week 9 | Going inland

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 9 | Going inland

01 January 2018 – 07 January 2018 

Bye coast

The first day of the year and we were woken up by drunk Spanish people. We got dressed, ate something, played a game with everyone and then decided to go to our next destination. We had twelve days until our next housesit and we wanted to explore the inland of Spain a bit more. Our goal was Merida, but on our way we stopped quite a few times to see some cool places. We went to Monasteria de Tentudia, a monastery on top of a mountain, surrounded by mountains. The first thing we saw were clouds since we were super high. It was really amazing, literally higher than the clouds. The Monastery itself was very cute. All was covered in plants and the views from up there were even better.

The Temple Men

Next stop was Jerez de los Caballeros, a small town with a rich history! It had a few cathedrals and even a little castle that once was owned by the Temple men! When we were driving to Merida we found another castle along the way. It was fully intact and we had an amazing view over Burguillos dos Cerro. We had to climb all the way and learned again that this castle was also owned by the Temple men.


We then reached Merida, a city full of roman buildings that were preserved very well. Our first mission was to get a shower though. We looked for pools, we asked at hotels and hostels and then after the last try we could shower for € 10,-… We were so desperate we took the offer. The day after we walked around the city to visit the monuments. A bridge, thermos, aquaducts etc. it was really cool to see it all!

Spanish traditions

We found out that the 6th of January is a real festivity in Spain and we would probably miss it because we were in the middle of nowhere in El Real de la Jara. Sanne was really sad because of that, but around seven we heard a lot of noise. We walked to the street and there was a parade about to happen! We collected so much candy, we still have some left, and really liked the tradition. The next day we explored the little village and had a lazy Sunday!

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