EXPERIENCES | Housesitting

EXPERIENCES | Housesitting

So here we are. Watching a house in the south of Spain while taking care of two dogs. We have kitchen, a queensized bed, a comfy couch, a TV with Netflix, a hot shower and the beach is only 800 metres away! Could you possibly ask for more?

Through our friends Once Upon a Journey we were inspired about sitting a house. We never knew we could do anything like it! Who would actually trust other people to live in their house and even take care of their pets. It seems like a lot of people do it! Housesitting is really popular and mostly among travelers. We’ve seen people who do it for a living and even met one an australian photographer who is going from housesit to housesit while he works as a public speaker and ofcourse photographer.

What is housesitting?

Housesitting is literally what is says, you sit on a house. Many people don’t like to leave their house empty when they go on holiday, so it’s the perfect solution. However Trusted Housesitters, the website we are a member of, specializes in something different: House & Petsitting. People don’t like to leave their house empty, but with owning a pet, leaving is even harder. For houseowners it is the perfect solution to leave their pets in their natural area and go on a businesstrip or a vacation.

Why should you do it?

As you all know we’re living in a van. We need water, electricity and a shower on regular base. When we calculate the costs we’d have to pay for those things we have a significant number. When we’re housesitting we can take a shower daily, we can recharge our phones easily and water is not a problem! Of course you have to pay a little fee to participate in the system, but that is still less than what we would have to spend in three to four weeks! It’s a real win-win situation. The other win in this: it’s hard to take a pet with you on the road, at least in our van. There is not much space and it’s not okay to do that to an animal. It is the perfect solution to travel and to take care of an animal!

How do you become a housesitter?

Well it’s quite easy. You don’t need any form of certification. You go to the website, pay the yearly fee and set up your profile. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and has a lot of detailed descriptions. Not too detailed ofcourse, but don’t hide between two sentences. Add a few pictures of you, your hobby & you with pets. When that’s done you’re all set! Only thing that is left to do is check if there are any housesits you’d like to do. Send those people an application with some details about yourself, why you want to sit their house & pet and why they should choose you!

Our experiences

We’re in our second house right now. The dogs from both housesits are adorable and there are not many downsides to our time! Only thing is that you have to take into account that you can’t go away for a long day unless you maybe bring the dogs, or that one is old and can’t walk a long way, which means hiking is out of the picture. But that was it! We’re definitely going for a third round and probably even more!

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