VANLIFE | From Vanlife to Hotellife

VANLIFE | From Vanlife to Hotellife

We have shared it when it happened, but we wanted to let you all know what happened.

On the first of December we wanted to leave the perfect „wild camping“ spot by the beach and cross the Spanish border to Portugal. We had prepared everything very quickly, not like any other day, and we left. Michèle noticed that she couldn’t control the clutch anymore. We went back to our parking spot and called ADAC for help. 40 minutes later there came a big yellow truck. He put the van on it and took the three of us to Vigo. We didn’t actually want to visit Vigo because we had already seen so many cities, but now we had the chance to look around without driving in the stressed streets. The man in the yellow truck was very friendly and even though we didn’t speak Spanish, he made some funny gestures to make sure we were okay.

At the garage they were also very nice. We had to come back at 5 and they’d tell us when Stitch would be ready to hit the road again. With our normal bags we visited the city and went to eat something. We didn’t want to look around really, so we decided to get some coffee and read/work there a little. When we came back at the garage they told us it would take up to Monday or Tuesday before the van would be ready… We were disappointed and it meant that we had to spend the weekend in Vigo. ADAC covered three nights in an hotel, so we took our belongings and left our home at the garage.

Little did we know we would end up in such luxury! With our backpacks we entered the fancy looking hotel. We got a room with massive beds, a flat screen even bigger than at home and a bathtub! First thing we did was shower and make ourselves comfortable in the king-sized beds. Luckily for us they had three German channels on the flat screen. We enjoyed the night watching TV and went to sleep early.

The next two days were mostly spend behind the TV, computer and book, but we did some groceries, visited the local park and went a little shopping. It was really nice to just have a hot shower or bath, a toilet without walking through the cold and space to move without break something. For example, the bed was so big that we couldn’t find each other at night while normally we steal blankets or kick :p

On Monday, around 5 we found out that the car wouldn’t be ready until Tuesday. It meant that we had to find another place to stay because ADAC covered three nights. We found an rbnb near the city centre. The room we had the past three days cost 54 euros a night per person. The perfectly clean rbnb was 23 euros a night per room… At the rbnb we met two guys, also travelling and learning Spanish. We drank some wine with them and spoke English, French, Spanish and Dutch all together.

The next morning we got the phone call that we could pick up Stitch and travel further to Portugal! As nice as the luxury was, we missed our cosy home and cooking ourselves instead of heating water for noodles (we didn’t want to spend too much during the weekend). When we drove to the next camping we had the coldest shower ever, so that made us miss the perfect bathroom in the hotel…

All in all a great adventure, but when we want something luxurious we will find it ourselves 🙂

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