LIFESTYLE | Our favorite lesbian travel couples on Instagram

LIFESTYLE | Our favorite lesbian travel couples on Instagram

My guilty pleasure, when I’m supposed to work, is checking instagrammers on their adventures through the world. Since Instagram is growing everyday, we thought it would be fun to put a few of our favorite lesbian couples that got bit by the travelbug on a list! ✈

Kathi & Baru a Czech and German couple who are traveling around Europe in their van and their dog Kiri. They recently rebuild their home on wheels to a small paradise. Everyday they wander around in nature and take beautiful, loving and inspiring pictures! Also their Instastories are adorable.

Kelly & Nanet are traveling the world together since May 2017. They did an impressive cyclingtour in Iceland, workaways in Scandinavia and are now traveling around Australia with their self converted van! They started an online business and are doing everything they can to grow it!

Steff & Ells are a British couple who are currently exploring New-Zealand with their van Patch. They share beautiful places, but also show a lot of realistic stuff. Currently they are working at a Holiday Camp and are making day trips. Their Italy journey was really fun to follow and they discovered a part of Asia too!

Natalie & Charlotte are blogging their ass off and enjoying the life in India for a while. They’re a British couple and from the moment they met, they knew they had met their soulmate! They post the most beautiful and romantic pictures, write interesting blogs about great hot spots and are so kind!

Gabi & Shanna, two New York City freelancers traveling all over the world. They make awesome content about their adventures and their residence in the big apple. The journey to Italy is definitely one you should check out. For an even cooler experience, their video’s are awesome.

“An American businesswoman and an Italian helicopter pilot that fell in love 8,347km apart” is what their bio says. Now they are traveling the world together and find the most stunning places. They met each other in romantic Rome during an aperitivo. They both speak fluent Italian and English! We’re treated with the sunsets they catch all over the world. 

Lisa & Peggy, a dutch couple who got engaged not so long ago! They are traveling all around and are in the United States of America right now. Exploring the States with a van, but normally they live out of their backpack. When they are not traveling they are probably drinking wine or enjoying a hike. 

A couple who is traveling all around the world and sometimes they bring their cute dog Theo. They met in 2010 and got married in 2015. For work and leisure they travel, spotting wonderful places. Check their adventure in Australia where they are right now. Also follow them because their pictures are always full of love!

These two dutchies met each other during their work in a cinema. They started their travels with the Trans-Siberian line and ended up traveling through Asia for a long time. After, they went to the USA and are back in Asia now. Their content is stunning and they know how the blogging and scoial media works. 

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