LIFESTYLE | Love story short

LIFESTYLE | Love story short

We often get the question of “how did you guys meet?!”. To answer that question we wrote this little piece!

It is September 2015. A very young Sanne is swiping on her new dating app. A friend of hers got the app and got a successfull “relationship” out of it. Sanne decided to leave Tinder and swap it for Wapa. Because she just got out of a relationship, she wasn’t really looking. Then there was a prompt message from a girl with tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks. She opened really cheesy with “Your eyes are so beautiful” and inmediately Sanne felt special. They started chatting in english which was very interesting. The next day in class, Sanne tells everything to her friends and one even says Michèle is the Johnny Depp of ladies!


They talk and talk. Michèle tells she is from a little village in the Belgian Ardennes. Sanne knows that place all too well, because her parents own a house in that area. They switch from english to dutch with some german words and it clicks. For over a month they talk and talk and talk and talk.

Then on a Friday in October, Michèle takes the train and visits Sanne in Antwerp! Really nervous Sanne waits in front of her appartment until the ginger arrives. They talk and drink. It’s a bit awkward at first, but then they eat pizza and go to the film “Inside Out”. Michèle buys Sanne ice cream and they already hold hands in the cinema. After the film they stroll through Antwerp. From the Central Station to the water. It is super romantic but both are shy. They go to Sanne’s place again and drink amaretto with ice-tea (whutttt?).

The first date was a success and so they go on a second one, Michèle meets Sanne’s parents and Sanne meet Michèle’s friends during a concert. After that weekend they decide to do a third date. They go to three parties and enjoy paintballing with Michèle’s collegues. The meeting part goes very fast and is sometimes even a little akward, but because of the distance all goes very well.

On the second November 2015 it is official! MiSa is a couple!

Then finally after 2 years they can be together full-time and the fun & adventure is still going strong!


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