Pride Heart for Hungary

Pride Heart for Hungary

A LEGO® Pride Heart (for acceptance)

WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD is an innovative startup venture that sells LEGO® parts and
unique creations. The core values of the company includes social equality regardless of
gender identity or origin. As LEGO® is a variety of colors and shapes, so are the people.
We all know that LEGO® is a brand that nearly everyone knows and likes between the age
of 3 and 99 so this gives a great opportunity to connect unique LEGO® creations and

WLWYB started a fundraising campaign for an Hungarian LGBTQ+ organization who’s aim is to
bring people closer to the LGBTQ+ community, they help to combat misinformation and
prejudice regarding LGBTQ+ issues in Central- Eastern Europe since 2000.
You might know that gender equality and the circumstances of LGBTQ+ people is not the
easiest in the former communist Eastern European countries like Hungary, so this
program is in a real need for help. For example a couple of month ago a member of the
government said that homosexual people are not equal part of the Hungarian society… WHAT!?

The essence of the campaign is when one buys a Pride Heart, a custom creation made of
brand new and genuine LEGO® bricks, the organization gets $10.00 donation so they can
continue their important work. This Pride Heart is a nice necklace, a decoration in your
home and a cool gift to the one you love.

1 heart’s cost covers 3 persons’ training, 10 hearts cover 30 persons’ training and our aim
is to sell a 1000 hearts. This means the organization could cover the costs of training 3000+
people. This would be a huge step in Hungary towards a more tolerant and caring future!

You can order the Pride Heart here: and read
more about the fundraising campaign here: and read
about the organization here: 

Our commitment, knowledge and past experiences enable us to provide customers with
a quick, seamless and affordable shopping experience.
The best way you can help is raising awareness and spread the word
about this important work. The more people would
hear and know about it, the more people they can train. Donate and you will get this very cool gadget!.

WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD is an independent company. LEGO® is a trademark of the
LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse WLWYB.


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