LIFESTYLE | Ultimate gift guide for travelers

LIFESTYLE | Ultimate gift guide for travelers

It’s holiday season, which means it’s also gift season! We’re giving presents underneath the Christmas tree or drawing lots. But do you have any idea what to ask or give? We’ve made a list with gadgets we like and am sure that others might like too. Before you buy any, make sure they don’t already own it!

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  • Pocket knife / multiple use cutlery
    • For a lot of people who travel with a backpack or van, a pocket knife or cutlery is essential! We always bring our Swiss Pocket knife and our sporks when we’re on the road. Also on a hike it can be very useful. It doesn’t have to cost much, but make sure not to buy the cheapest thing you can find. We already had to replace our plastic sporks…
  • Socks
    • You just can’t have enough socks! When you’re taking a hike, socks for in bed, for Santa to put something in it or just because socks. We lost a lot of them during our trips and always have to buy extra since our old ones are getting just too old. We found amazing quality in these wollen socks of Homepads! We got them at and could not be more ready for our next trip. Instead of big slippers, these socks are cosy, warm & they don’t take a lot of space. The perfect gift we’d say!
  • Travel diary
    • Just let us tell you that Sanne is the one who can’t go without notebooks! Today there are so many beautiful ones and they don’t even need to be expensive. You can buy a beautiful and complete Travel Diary that literally says Travel Diary, but when you need to watch your budget, normal notebooks will do. We found some cute ones at Hema, the most common bookshops in your area and Xenos.
  • Electricity adaptors
    • Backpacking on another continent is always fun, until you notice you can’t charge your phone… This is a very handy gift, not only for travelers. Just bring one when you’re going away for a longer time to somewhere you haven’t been yet. Or buy one at the place you’re at. We found this handy one online at
  • Soap bars
    • What is a more cool way to give travel soap to a traveler! We have found the perfect brand for it! Friendly Soap LTD. offers a wide range of soapbars for hair, body, face and shave, all with delicious smells and natural ingredients. The soap is curelty, parabenen, plastic and palm oil free. It’s completely earth, animal and skin friendly! Have a look at their range of soap and especially the travel one!
  • Soap bar case
    • No more plastic boxes to transport your soap in. We have found a breathable soap bag that is perfect for showering at other places than home. The soap dries from the inside and no water can go into the small bag. It fits to your soapbar and you can hang it anywhere you want. A combination with the soap bar from Friendly Soap is a perfect gift!
  • Waterproof phonecase
    • Not only superhandy when you want to take pictures underwater (if you dare) but also nice to worry less on rainy days. There are a lot of different ones, so make sure you have one of good quality instead of a cheaper one who maybe won’t be waterproof at all!
  • Powerbank
    • Phone batteries are lasting not as so long anymore (oh where are the times).  That’s why a well functioning powerbank is perfect as a gift. For long train/bus rides, when sleeping in a van without electricity, on a hike when you always should have some battery for safety and go on. Be aware, don’t buy the ones with the highest mAh because the time to recharge it will be much longer. Go for the middle road instead or buy one that charges on sun energy!
  • Emaille cup & coffee on the road
    • For those coffee addicts who are always on the way, a coffee gift package is cool. Ofcourse it’s also possible to give something similar to a tea person. We love the latest trend of the sustainable emaille cups. We own a sustainable thermobottle (also for cold drinks) and make sure we always have some loose tea, tea bags or instant coffee with us. Do you want some better quality coffee, take a look at Coffeebrewer Grower’s Cup. All you need to add is hot water and you have a fair and good quality cup of coffee!
  • Anywhere Travel Guide
    • These 75 cards will turn your visit into an adventure! Draw a card and do what it says. This way you will explore the place in a whole different way. Spontaneous moments bring out the best in people & moments. This is obviously our favourite gift of the list.
  • Dry sack
    • Whether you like to sup, dance in the rain, go for a swim to an unreachable cave or get a tan at the beach, a dry sack is perfect for any occasion. Your stuff stays dry during activities that contain water. No need to worry about your wet passport pages or extra clothing. They have different sizes, colors and shapes, make sure it fits the person you buy it for!
  • Bluetooth speaker
    • Dreaming of a campfire night while enjoying marshmallows with new made friends, a bluetooth speaker is absolutely needed. Anyone can connect his/her phone and play their favorite music. Also very handy to use during Christmas or when the car radio is not working. Random dance parties are also very possible with this gadget! There are so many price/quality differences, so make sure you find one that connects to every bluetooth device, long battery life and that it is portable!
  • Fish eye lens for smartphone & Smartphotos
    • Want to learn how to take interesting photo’s of your travels but you can’t ask (or pay) for a system- or DSLR camera? The books Smartphotos will tell you all the secrets, tips and tricks of how to use your smartphone and take those dreamy IG pictures. A fish eye lens is also a great addition to more interesting images. The perfect combo we’d say!

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