LIFESTYLE | Our first brand collaboration

LIFESTYLE | Our first brand collaboration

Everyday we experience and discover new things. This week we got the opportunity to work with our first brand! Super exciting, since we haven’t done anything like that before. We are ambassadors for a few brands (e.g. Stranded Adventures & Wanderlifestyle) and affliates for some too (e.g. Travelibro & Trusted Housesitters), but to get items send home to promote and keep them, that was new to us!

Since I wanted to achieve this for a long time already, I send emails to different brands. We got many no’s since our Instagram & Facebooks are not big enough and we don’t have enough visitors on our blog. We understand, but still, why not give it a shot. Last week I got a YES from a brand we already follow and use for a long time. The brand is called with Edgar and sells loose tea, socks that stay together, clothing & accessoires! 

We already drink the tea from this brand since 3 years and it is definitely our favourite!

Edgar’s Bamboo tea Thermos Bottle

Let me introduce the brand: Edgar, a turtle who does not take life too serious, writes hacks about the little things in life and looks at the world with style, humour, respect and honesty. Edgar develops products with his friends, because everyone has a skill worth using in life. If you drink tea, you drink tea
with Edgar; if you wear his socks, you wander with Edgar; and if you wear his party shirt, you party with Edgar!

We received a box filled with tea, socks, a shirt and a thermos bottle. Unboxing felt like Christmas morning. We got everything for “free” and with all the cool items we could make cool content for on the blog, Facebook and Instagram! It felt really good achieving this and give another meaning to our posts.

I first made many product photos of the tea. I wanted to have the same vibe in every picture but also some difference between them. It took me a whole day to first figure out how to photograph products in a good way, then second coming up with a different setting for every tea and third hoping that the light would stay the same for editing! Honestly I’m pretty proud of the results!

Edgar's Seowang Sejak tea
Edgar's Detox tea
Edgar's Assam Loose tea

For the other products I needed a little help from Michèle. My idea was to shoot the different products with the van. The socks for example, 2 out of the 4 pairs we got, are blue and so is Stitch. We tried different poses and I was really happy that Michèle had some creative ideas too. At first I had a few plans, but they didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. Michèle proposed to do some fake camping or picknicking, so it would look a little more authentic. That worked pretty great!

We shot about 80 pictures. I looked at them and chose my favorites. Those were edited in Lightroom with the “Adventures of MiSa” preset. In the photos Michèle is wearing the “Party with Edgar tee”, the thermos bottle and the socks of course. I hope we can use them all on our Facebook & Instagram!

Edgar's yellow & blue socks
Edgar's light blue & green socks

After all the preperations it was time to link the photos to the brand on the different social media channels. I decided to do a series posts spread over a few weeks. For Facebook I made a little video, for Instagram we mostly used the pictures with us in it. The product photos were posted in the Insta Stories.

I also got asked to write a blog about the tea, when, where and with whom to drink it! I’ll post it here as soon as it is published.

So now it’s your time to get your first collaboration! Don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we did too. Take matter into your own hands and go for it! Good luck!

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