TRAVEL DIARY | Week 1 | Viva La France

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 1 | Viva La France

Our first travel diary of our first week! It took a little time before we finally left due some problems with the van, but on the 6th of November we left Weywertz to conquer Europe with our blue beauty named Stitch!

DAY 1 | 06-11-2017

We left Weywertz and made a little stop in Luxemburg to tank some cheap diesel. After that we took the Route Nationale to Paris. At around 19u we arrived at the campsite and it was packed! So many workers were staying the night to make it easier to go to their job the next day. We ate our first meal and went to sleep. It was freezing by the way. We didn’t prepare for that, so we were a little (read very) cold.


DAY 2 | 07-11-2017

As suspected there was frost all over the campsite, brrr! After we woke up properly we did some sports, showered and made ourselves a yummy breakfast. In chill mode we made ourselves ready for our first day exploring Paris. We bought a ticket we could use for any type of public transport and went to Gare de Lyon. We thought we would do the things we came across, so there was the Parc de Nature Histoire! Unfortunately closed, but we made the promise to come back later. We walked on the riverside towards the Notre Dame. The fall colors were beautiful and so was the weather. We visited the cathedral and walked on to the Louvre. It was also closed, sadly. We walked further into the Tuileries and enjoyed the pond filled with ducks and birds. At the end of the Tuileries is the obelisque of Luxor. Walking through the gardens, we could see the Eiffeltower bathing in the orange sunlight. At the obelisque we met Captain Crêpe and ate a crêpe. For our first dinner away we wanted to do something special, we made a reservation at The Hard Rock Café. The burgers were yummy, as were the cocktails. Very tired we returned to the campsite and slept very well in the cold night. Prepared this time!

DAY 3 | 08-11-2017

We planned a day to the palace of Versailles! Excited as little kids we arrived and saw the imposant palace with gold everywhere and surrounded by so many tourists. Luckily Sanne was free and Michèle bought her ticket online, so passing through was easy peasy. We visited the palace, the gardens, the stay of Marie Antoinette and walked so much. Our feet were already tired from the day before, so we struggled to get back to the campsite. The palace was beautiful, but we both expected more. There was a lot of art and the audiotour was very interesting, but we missed the little things we learned during our history lessons. The garden and Marie Antoinettes place were actually prettier than the palace.

DAY 4 | 09-11-2017

We wanted to take it slow during our third day in Paris. We stayed a little on the campsite before we went to the Sacre Coeur, a little church next to it, Montmarte and Soul Kitchen where we drank hipster coffee and got a madeleine for free! All we had to do was collect 9 dogbreeds beginning with a B. After we went to an old cinema and took the metro to the Catacombes. These were really impressive. So many bones in one places from people who died on a massive range of diseases. Yep that one was definantely cool! After we went to the Eiffeltower. We didn’t reserve tickets on purpose, we wanted to climb the stairs! When we arrived we heard that the stairs were closed and we had to wait in line. Two very cold and painfull hours. We missed the sunset, but we saw Paris by night. It was magical and all the sorrow from earlier was forgotton. We headed back to the campsite and went to sleep after a long shower!

DAY 5 | 10-11-2017

Our last day in Paris! Not that sad, since we were very tired of our first week living in a smaller space and dealing with an “household” after a day of sightseeing. We decided to visit the Louvre first. The priorities layed on seeing the Mona Lisa & the Egyptian corner. There were so many tourists, it was a little too much. Seeing the Mona Lisa wasn’t as magical as in the Davinci Code, but we saw her! We walked through the halls filled with precious treasures and examined a few. The Egyptian corner was closed, very disappointing. We decided it would be better to head outside and get some food. At a cute saladbar we ate some and plannend to go to the Arc de Triomphe. That was very nice, but the streets were very busy (just like in every film). After we went to a house near Centre de Pompidou, modern and fun art were present on every floor. We can definintely recommend it! Heading for the metro to Parc de Nature Histoire. We enjoyed the Botanical Garden and a museum of paleontology. So many skeletons of today’s and historic animals! We saw a T-Rex, whales, a Dodo and even a mammoth! Heading back to the campsite for a last time, tired as everyday.

DAY 6 | 11-11-2017

Leaving Paris was not really hard. Not because we didn’t like it, but just because we had enough of the sounds and many people. The night before we decided to go to Tours and stay the night there, but due the bad weather we ended up sleeping in Saint-Cyr. Tours, a little city with modern and medieval buildings. We went to the cathedral first. It was really cute and so was the monastery garden. It even had an old scriptorium and library with gothic and renaissance influences. The rain was cold and we drank a chai latte in another hipster café. We also visited the old town and saw a fountain with soap in it. It was hilarious to see! We drove further to Saint-Cyr and settled for a quiet night on the parkinglot.

DAY 7 | 12-11-2017

From Saint-Cyr we left to Cognac! Not because we both like it, but it sounded like it would be a good place to visit. We walked along the river and saw many different Cognac houses. We came across a little castle and decided to go in. A private tour in English mixed with a lot of French through the castle and brewery, ended with a little tasting. Not our thing, haha. Visiting the little cathedral, we then drove further south to Biganos where a friend of Michèle lives. We dined together and we could sleep inside on our mats, finally some warmth!

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