TRAVEL DIARY | Week 2 | Getting used to everything

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 2 | Getting used to everything

13 November 2017 – 19 November 2017

Bordeaux fails us

Our second week was a little more relaxed than the first one. From Michèle’s friend we drove off to Bordeaux. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a parking spot for the height of the van. After a few hours we decided to leave Bordeaux for another time and drove to Saint-Emilion. This little city was a real treat! Old buildings, vineyards all over the place and the founding village of the macaron! We enjoyed some wine and macarons on a terrace before we went to the planned campsite. We ate outside, but it was very very very cold!


The next day we went to the campsite where Sanne worked last summer. We met with the family and got a lot of fresh eggs (yum). We camped on a parking before we drove further south. We had no idea where to stop next, so we decided to choose a village by name. Result: we drove to Condom. Not a really impressive town, but the chateaux around it were! Unfortunately they were closed or private, so after a few pictures we went further to the campsite. With a beautiful sight on the Pyrenees we camped two nights. On the mountains there was snow and we could feel the cold at night, freezing! We stay one night at the campsite and wash our clothes.


The next day we drive to Lourdes, a catholic city. It was really ugly to be honest… A lot of hotels and hostels were closed and old. When we came to the cathedral it was all forgotten. It looked like the Disney castle. We visited the chapel, the church and tried to visit the old castle up the hill. After we drove west, to camp near the Spanish border. The next morning we could swim in the heated pool of the campsite, such a treat! We didn’t only swim for the first time, we also saw the Atlantic! We visited a castle before we crossed the border to Spain!

Camping with a view

Around six we arrived at the campsite in Zarrautz, the same where Sanne’s grandparents stayed a few years back. From our spot we looked over the bay of Zarrautz and enjoyed the evening. We decided to stay another day since the weather was wonderfull and the beach looked amazing. Of course we didn’t swim, but it was nice to see the many surfers! We drove about 10km uphill with our bikes and were exhausted! 

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