TRAVEL DIARY | Week 3 | Hola Spain

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 3 | Hola Spain

20 November 2017 – 26 November 2017

Game of Thrones

When we left Zarautz for Pamplona, we kind of missed it. Pamplona is famous for the running of the bulls. Luckily this is in July and not in November. After a short visit and finding some gluten free bread we continued to the campsite near the Bordenas Reales! In a little part of this big parc Game of Thrones filmed some shots for the sixth season! We tried to find it, but it was a little vague since every part looked like the other. We met a French couple and went climbing on one of the smaller mountains. It was really cool and the views were absolutely amazing!



After the adventure in the Bordenas Reales we went to visit Bilbao. We drove the wrong way a couple of times, but we finally made it before we starved. Yummy tacos were on the menu! After the delicious food we went to see the Guggenheim. The spider was a little scary to be honest, but it was nice to see what we have seen on tv so often. We were both very tired from driving through the city (why are cities so stressfull?) and ended up at a parking above Bilba. The view over the city was magnificent!


The next morning we drove to a little village called Gazteluatxe… We couldn’t pronounce it either. There was an island which had a church on it and was a place for pilgrims. The way to the island was very steep downhill, but we managed to get down. When we finally were there, we had to march the 270 steps. Out of breath we reached the top and ringed the bell three times, the sign that there was someone who made it. The view was stunning once again. The sea was rough and it was the hottest day, 24 degrees! We went back to the car, out of breath again, and drove to the next camping spot.


We visited the medieval city of Santillana del Mar, village of lies since it’s is not near the sea and it was not named after a saint. There we went to the torture museum and went into a prehistoric cave. Well a replica unfortunately, but it was still impressive. Next stop was the campsite near the national park, Picos de Europa. We wanted to wander and hike around the park, but it was a very rainy day… We stayed a bit and met two dutch couples.

Hiking to the Lagos

The day after, the weather was really nice! We hiked a long way. The views were stunning and it was really nice to see the valley with sheep, horses and cows walking free. We climbed high and hiked through a cave before we reached the lagos. Mountains topped with snow on the background and the sun reflecting in the lake, no words. We hitchhiked back to the van since we were exhausted. We then drove to Colunga where we spend the night.

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