TRAVEL DIARY | Week 4 | Beaches, cities & a little unlucky

TRAVEL DIARY | Week 4 | Beaches, cities & a little unlucky

27 November 2017 – 03 December 2017


We left Colunga for Foz. We wanted a beachday so we went early and arrived at a camperpark. The owner was very friendly and has his mini campsite all worked out. We went to the beach (which we had all to ourselves) and enjoyed the waves while playing beach tennis. The next day we left to see the recommended empty beaches of Cedeira. They did not impress us that much. Probably because the weather was not what we hoped. We found our first wildcamping spot on the way to A Coruña. It was raining but we explored the beach anyway. We found a dead bird, many mussels and we climbed some rocks.


So after a nice night we headed for A Coruña. On the campsite near Picos de Europa we hear a lot of good stories & my uncle loves the place. We parked the van near the harbour and took our bikes to explore the city. We bought two extra emaille bowl, ate the best sushi ever(!), posted our postcards and went to see Castelo de San Antón. The view from the castle was amazing! We drove further to the West coast and found a campsite in Ribeira where we would stay the night. The next morning we drove to Santiago the Compostella. The original plan was to stay there the night, but after visiting the city (without money) we decided to move further south. The city was beautiful and not as catholic as we expected. The cathedral was under construction, which was a pity, but the park and other buidlings were beautiful. We even ate the “holy”cake! We drove to Cesantes were we enjoyed a nice meal and a wonderful sunset.


The next morning was a little sad… The clutch of the van broke and we couldn’t move anymore. We called ADAC and we got a ride to Vigo. We spend the day wandering around in the city hoping that the problem would’ve been soves. Unfortunately it would take untill Monday or Tuesday before we could go further south. We got a nice hotel in Vigo and enjoyed the luxury! A bath/shower, toilet, coffee machine, German TV (read more about it in “From Vanlife to Hotellife”). The next day we stayed in all day because Michèle didn’t feel well. The next day we explored Vigo a little more and we kept our fingers crossed that we could go to Portugal on Monday.

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