Today on year ago, November 6th 2017, we started a journey that would probably change our lives. We had no idea when we would come back. We left our stuff, said our goodbyes and just drove away to our first destination: Paris.

On this journey we learned a lot about ourselves, each other, life, traveling and what we actually want to do!

We found out that we really love traveling and the challenges that it comes with, but that we don’t want to do it full-time. We both get satisfaction out of working. That’s how we came up with the fact that we want to widen our horizons and do different kinds of jobs. So far we worked in a kitchen in Spain and picked grapes in France. The biggest adventure is the future and the experiences that will follow.

To recap on the sixth months full-time traveling, we made a video compilation of special moments and the things we saw. Not all of it of course, that would be a three hour video; Michèle reduced it to 8 minutes!

We hope you enjoy watching and stay tuned for our very first vlogs that will come soon!

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Cheers, Michèle & Sanne

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